Robin Nandi is a Research Software Engineer in the Digital Institute at Newcastle University. The team focuses on delivering software engineering expertise for research projects across the university. He graduated with a MSci in Physics from Imperial College in 2008 followed by a PhD from the same university in 2012. He has worked in Software, Consultancy and Data Science roles in Financial Services including for PwC and Atom Bank.

He started in the Research Software Engineering team at Newcastle University in April 2022.


  • Chicken Run / School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

    • Monitoring of chickens via video camera to detect smothering behaviour
    • Investigation of techniques to identify smothering both with hindsight and in real time
    • Look into tracking of individual chickens and identification of group behaviour


PhD Physics / Imperial College


Particle Physics research at CERN


  • Programming:
    • Python
    • R
    • C++
  • Software:
    • SQL (Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server)
    • GCP
    • Git (Github, GitLab)
    • WordPress
  • Topics:
    • Application Build
    • GCP
    • AWS
    • DevOps
    • Containers
    • Docker


  • I enjoy:
    • Running
    • Hiking
    • Badminton
    • Travelling
    • Chess
    • Reading