Bowen Li joined the team in October 2022. His background centres on computational modelling, including both theory and application. He has many years experience in research software development. Li received his PhD in 2017 working on the formal modelling and verification of complex evolving system (CES). Since then, he has been involved in several computational biology projects as Research Associate. During his RA career, Li was the main developer of open-source scientific software NUFEB (Massively parallel simulator for agent-based modelling of microbial systems); SONCraft (GUI-based platform for CES modelling and analysis); and mcSTACK (Probabilistic model checker for DNA nano-device model).


  • CowSmart Health Monitoring / School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

    • Image/Video processing
    • Image classification to estimate the weight of cattle
  • Synthetic Data Sandpit (PrivE) / Alan Turing Institute

    • Extending [Tapas](https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/privacy-sdg-toolbox) toolbox with generic classes to manipulate network data
    • Developing and implementing methods for privacy attacks against synthetic network


PhD Computing Science / Newcastle University


Visualisation and analysis of complex behaviours using structured occurrence nets


  • Programming:
    • C/C++
    • Java
    • Python
  • Software:
    • Docker
    • Unix Shell
    • Latex
    • Sphinx
    • Git/Github
  • Topics:
    • Computational Biology
    • Mathematical Modelling
    • Numerical Simulation
    • Formal Verification
    • Machine learning


  • I enjoy:
    • Travelling
    • Swimming
    • Card Game