Fiona Galston is a full-stack web developer with 3 years RSE expereince working within the team at Newcastle University. She has a background in Developmental Biology but graduated in Computer Network Technology. Prior to joining the team she worked in industry for a large technology organisation on projects in innovation, health and nuclear energy. As an RSE she has kept a focus in web technologies but the subject matter has varied broadly, branching into mobile and middleware for AI projects. She has also adopted a focus in socially or ethically impactful projects. She has also qualified as a Software Carpentries instructor and has taught several of their classes to PHD students and staff.


  • Mousemapp /

    • Front end mobile app to submit mouse pictures
    • Server side to store data and send images for AI analysis
  • QuOD Pathology Atlas - Phase 2 /

    • Build upon the previous version
    • Updated to include a new database level for a region of an organ
    • Imagery
  • QuOD Pathology Atlas /

    • Database design and set-up to store donated organ data
    • Development of a web-based digital portal to help organise requests and allocate organ samples to authorized researchers.
  • Animating Text Newcastle / School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

    • Plan, design and develop web-based applications to display or work with text in varying forms
    • Geospatial work using leafletJS to map translations of femenist literature across Europe
    • UI/UX work to display stages of text creation and modification by authors
  • Hands on Reading / School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

    • Front-end development of mobile-centric web-application using Angular
    • Use of HTML Canvas so users can annotate digital texts
  • Metro Futures / Open Lab, Nexus

    • Front-end development work on a web-based tool to launch and review the new Tyne and Wear Metro trains
  • Climate:Red / Open Lab, IFRC

    • Contribute to the user-interface for an IFRC virtual conference held in September 2020
  • Hate Speech Measures and Counter-measures / The Alan Turing Institute

    • Scraping of misogynistic and anti-feminist forum posts and searchable storage of this data
    • Using Puppeteer and headless Chrome to crawl the website
    • Linux server and MySQL database set-up on Azure


BSc Computer Network Technology / Northumbria University


Completed modules in web technologies, operating systems, network technology, C/C++, CCNA and an industrial placement working with C# and web-based systems for the NHS.


  • Programming:
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • HTML/CSS
    • C#.NET
    • Java
  • Software:
    • Angular
    • VueJS
    • Node
    • WordPress
    • MongoDB
    • Postgres
    • SQL
    • Puppeteer
    • Salesforce
    • Docker
    • Azure
  • Topics:
    • Web Development


  • I enjoy:
    • Walking
    • Dog Training
    • Travel