Kathryn joined the team in August 2021. Following a degree in mathematics from Newcastle University she worked in the defence industry modelling the physics of fluid dynamics before returning to academia in 2016. She joined the Cloud Computing for Big Data Center for Doctoral Training at Newcastle University undertaking a taught programme in statistics, programming and data science before commencing her doctoral studies. She is currently preparing a thesis on statistical topology for random fields and branching structures.


  • Creativity Engine / School of English / Seven Stories - The National Centre for Children’s Books

    • Digitisation of Seven Stories archive
    • Fine-tuning of text-generating AI with materials from the Seven Stories Archive
    • Creation of webapp to allow children to co-create short-stories with text-generating AI


MMath / Newcastle University



  • Programming:
    • R
    • Python
    • Matlab
  • Software:
  • Topics:
    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • Data Science
    • HPC


  • I enjoy:
    • Surfing
    • Climbing
    • Slacklining