Kathryn joined the team in August 2021. Following a degree in mathematics from Newcastle University she worked in the defence industry modelling the physics of fluid dynamics before returning to academia in 2016. After completing a taught programme in statistics, programming and data science through the Cloud Computing for Big Data Center for Doctoral Training at Newcastle University she obtained her PhD in mathematics in 2022.


  • Travel to Work Areas / CURDS, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

    • Compare implementation of Travel to Work Area calculations in R package with CURDS algorithm in FORTRAN
    • Identify key differences between the two
    • Make revisions and recommendations in order to reconcile any differences
  • Chicken Run / School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

    • Monitoring of chickens via video camera to detect smothering behaviour
    • Investigation of techniques to identify smothering both with hindsight and in real time
    • Look into tracking of individual chickens and identification of group behaviour
  • EEG time series / CNNP Lab, School of Computing

    • Review algorithms and methods of mode decomposition for spatial and temporal data
    • Modification of existing Python package to compute Multi-Resolution Dynamic Mode Decomposition
    • Handling of large iEEG data with missingness
  • Creativity Engine / School of English / Seven Stories - The National Centre for Children’s Books

    • Digitisation of Seven Stories archive
    • Fine-tuning of text-generating AI with materials from the Seven Stories Archive
    • Creation of webapp to allow children to co-create short-stories with text-generating AI


PhD Mathematics / Newcastle University


Statistical Topology for Random Fields and Branching Structures


  • Programming:
    • R
    • Python
    • Matlab
  • Software:
  • Topics:
    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • Data Science
    • HPC


  • I enjoy:
    • Surfing
    • Climbing
    • Slacklining