Research Software Engineering

We develop high-quality software in collaboration with scientists, engineers and scholars from all research domains. The team's mission is to support the transformation of research at Newcastle through the application of software engineering best practices.

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Software Engineering

We're a central team of of Research Software Engineers, covering most areas of software engineering including middleware, web & mobile applications, data science. We can help develop software for a range of platforms from IoT devices to the Cloud and HPC.

Combined Expertise

When you work with an RSE they are in constant communication with the rest of the team, this way your project has access to the combined knowledge of the entire team.

Fractional FTE Splits

Finding all the skills and knowledge your project needs in one human can be tough, having two software engineers at half time each with complementary skills can be better for your project.

Flexible Allocations

Access support at key times on your project, and not always continuously. Over a multi-year research project you may only require software development expertise at specific times or as a part-time role.

We offer grant writing support for free

We can help you with everything from basic costings support, contributions to grant proposals with technical plans, and full collaborative research.

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Getting started


We work with a wide range of academics across all domains and career stages, at both the University and its partners.

Animating Text Newcastle University

Working with the team has been a real pleasure, we appreciate their readiness to engage with our ideas, and share their knowledge. The feedback we have been given on our shared work when showing it at conferences has been outstanding: a testimony to its quality.

ePrescribing Risk and Safety Evaluation

The team have helped deliver the first iteration of a Web based tool being used nationally across the NHS. The software engineers’ knowledge, skills and support will continue to be an important part of this project, which is funded to develop further iterations.

Human Cell Atlas

The collaborative exchange and software engineering input has resulted in significantly enhanced features to our existing web portals as well as new data queries and visualisation options.


The project would have been extremely challenging for us without RSE support. Jim was very easy to work with, gave clear communication, explaining what he was going to do as well as why it was the best approach and how it would work.

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.