Senior Research Software Engineer

Dave Horsfall

Dave joined the team in March 2020, and works as a full stack web developer. He graduated with a masters in Theoretical Physics from the University of Durham and has worked in both the open source community and the private sector. He works mainly with Python and Laravel, with a focus on a user-centered design process. During his time in the team, he has trained as a Software Carpentries instructor and supervised Masters level dissertation students. He has also been awarded a Software Sustainability Institute fellowship to research mental health in the wider research software community.

MSci Theoretical Physics, University of Durham
Programming: Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JSON/XML, CI/CD
Software: Laravel, Flask, Docker, MySQL, VSCode, GCP/AWS/Azure, Terraform, GitHub Workflows
Topics: Web Development, Cloud Infrastructure
Running, Climbing, Dog Walking

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.