Research Software Engineer

David Herbert

David is a Research Software Engineer in the Digital Institute. The team focuses on delivering software engineering expertise for research projects across the university. He graduated with a MA in Natural Sciences (Physics) from Cambridge University in 1986, followed by a long career in the software industry, including 10 years working as a freelance Web Developer. Before joining the Newcastle RSE team in 2019, David worked for 12 years for British Antarctic Survey, completing large Full-Stack geospatial web development projects in Antarctica and Tasmania.

Since joining the RSE team in April 2019, he designed and implemented principally mapping/geospatial web applications for a number of research projects.

MA Natural Sciences (Physics), Cambridge University
Programming: JavaScript (React, Vue, Alpine), HTML/CSS (Tailwind, Bulma), Python, Java, PHP, C/C++, Perl, Bash shell
Software: Docker, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Desktop GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS), Geospatial and Mapping Web Systems, OpenLayers, Geoserver
Topics: Full-stack Web Development, UI/UX/visualisation, Web Design, AWS, DevOps, Docker
Jazz piano, run a local gigging band for events, Repair Cafes, Walking, camping and the great outdoors, Gardening, Eating out/good food

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.