Research Software Engineer

Frances Turner

Dr. Frances Turner (née Hutchings) has worked as a Research Software Engineer for the Digital Institute since June 2019. She first joined Newcastle University in 2013 to study for a Masters in Neuroinformatics, which led to a PhD and then RA positions based in the School of Computing with a focus on applying computational solutions to neuroscience questions.

During her tenure as a Research Software Engineer Frances has qualified as a Software Carpentries Instructor and has been able to develop computational solutions to a wide variety of projects from across all three faculties, picking up skills in machine learning, data science and user interface design.

PhD Computational Neuroscience, Newcastle University
Programming: Matlab, Python, R, bash, NEURON, C
Software: Unity, FSL, Docker, Blender, Inkscape, LaTeX, Adobe Creative Cloud, GitHub Workflows, Virtual Box
Topics: Data Analysis, Mathematical Modelling, Network Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Machine Learning, Spiking Neural Networks, Neuroimaging, UI, Finite Element Modelling, HPC
Reading/Writing, Tabletop gaming, Video games, Jewellery making

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.