Research Software Engineer

Gabrielle Schroeder

Gabrielle Schroeder joined the team as a data scientist in September 2023. After undergraduate training in molecular biology and genetics, she transitioned to computational research in 2014 by pursuing an MSc in Neuroinformatics at Newcastle University, where she developed models of spreading dynamics on brain networks. She continued her research in computational neuroscience at the university as a PhD student and postdoctoral researcher. Her work focused on developing pipelines and applying a variety of techniques, such as time series analysis and unsupervised learning, to analyse brain activity and clinical data. In addition to data analysis, her interests include data visualisation and software design.

PhD Computer Science, Newcastle University
Programming: Python, R, MATLAB, HTML/CSS
Software: Git/GitHub, LaTeX, Adobe Creative Cloud, Quarto
Topics: Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Signal Processing, Network Analysis, Unsupervised Learning, Statistics, Computational Modelling
Reading, Generative art, Strength training, Gardening, Walking with her dog

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.