Research Software Engineer

Imre Draskovits

Imre joined the team in April 2022 with the background in native iOS development.

He has over 3 years experience in software development. Imre received his Computer Science degree in 2022, including spending a year in a software consulting firm working in finance.

Since then, he has been involved in two app projects as Research Software Engineer.

Imre is training to be a Software Carpentries Instructor and is teaching postgraduates as part of the workshops hosted in Newcastle University.

BSc Computing Science, Newcastle University
Programming: Swift, JavaScript, Python, Java
Software: Adobe Photoshop, React, React Native, SwiftUI, UIKit, AWS, Firebase
Topics: Native Mobile Applications, Web Development, Recommender Algorithms, Open Source
Photo Editing, Photography, Video Games, Travelling

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.