Research Software Engineer

John Schoneboom

John comes to the RSE Team from his previous gig at Newcastle University as a research software engineer for ECPPEC (Eighteenth Century Political Participation and Electoral Culture), where he developed the database that drives that project’s website. He also works as a consultant for the New York State Department of Health, updating data on a monthly basis for their Health Profiles site, which allows end users to explore and compare quality data for hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.

John’s also a published writer, with a novel (Fontoon) from Dedalus Books and a non-fiction work (Surrealpolitik) from Zer0 Books, and a playwright, with numerous plays performed mostly at Off Off Broadway venues in New York. He occasionally teaches Creative Writing modules at Newcastle and/or Northumbria Universities. He likes his martial arts, has a special relationship with Latin American novelists, and can reliably shoot 90 percent at the free throw line (it’s a basketball thing). He has lately taken an unfortunate interest in playing guitar and hopes with diligent study to achieve mediocrity by some unspecified future point in time.

PhD, Creative Writing, Northumbria University
Programming: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, PHP
Software: MySQL, CakePHP, JQuery, Leaflet, Angular (a bit)
Topics: UI/UX, Web Design, Data Design
Martial Arts, Music, Writing

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.