Research Software Engineer

Mike Simpson

Dr Mike Simpson is a Research Software Engineer working for the Newcastle University RSE Team. He graduated with a BSc in Computing from Newcastle University in 2008, followed by an MSc in Computer Games Engineering in 2009. He worked as a Game Programmer at a local studio for a number of years before returning to the university to start his PhD in 2011. His thesis was titled “Real-time Simulation of Rail Vehicle Dynamics” and involved using software and development practices from the game industry to develop and evaluate real-time 3D engineering simulations.

Since joining the Digital Institute in 2016, he developed software applications for a number of research projects, including projects with the NHS and the Alan Turing Institute. He has presented his work at a number of events, including the international Blender conference in Amsterdam, the UK RSE Conference and the IEEE e-Science Conference in Auckland, NZ. He has also taught ‘Introduction to Software Development’ on the Institute of Coding’s Degree Apprenticeship in Software Engineering. He has also been involved in the wider RSE community, including being a member of the organising committee for the 2022 RSE Conference.

His research interests include the application of games industry technologies for other applications - such as gamification in education and healthcare - as well as virtual simulation and data visualisation. He also has experience of 3D graphics, web development and software engineering in a range of programming languages. His other interests include Photography and 3D modelling, as well as reading and writing fiction. He also runs a blog where he discusses a range of topics from Video Games to Mental Health.

PhD, Newcastle University
Programming: Python, C++, Java, PHP/HTML/CSS, JavaScript
Software: Blender, PowerBI, WordPress, Photoshop, OpenGL, PhysX, Unity
Topics: Data Visualisation, 3D Graphics, Virtual Simulation, Video Game Development, Gamification (i.e. in Education/Healthcare)
Reading/Writing, Video Games, Photography, 3D Modelling

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.