Research Software Engineer

Reece Walsh

Reece joined the Research Software Engineering team in March 2023 while completing his masters in Computer Science at Newcastle University. His dissertation project was to develop a pathfinding algorithm visualiser that allowed users to interact and experiment with different pathfinding algorithms in the hope of furthering their understanding when paired with traditional academic methods.

Since joining the team Reece has worked on a full-stack web application, a native mobile application and has began to re-design and implement an existing full-stack system for an ongoing NHS Foundation Trust project.

MSc Computer Science, Newcastle University
Programming: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin
Software: React, React Native, JUnit, Jest, Cypress, Node.js, Express, .NET, MongoDB, Springboot, MySQL, Figma
Topics: Web Development, Native App Development, UX Design, Pathfinding Algorithms
Robotics, Golf, Video Games, Piano, Guitar, Tennis

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.