Research Software Engineer

Richard Howey

Richard has an extensive background working in different areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. He completed his PhD in Pure Mathematics working in the field of functional analysis and after briefly working in the software industry, he worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence Planning at Durham and Strathclyde Universities. He wrote major extensions to the plan validation tool, VAL, which is used extensively by the research community to develop new planning methodology and applications. He further developed his modelling skills as a mathematical modeller in the field of Epidemiology at Edinburgh University working on a foot-and-mouth disease project that produced a publication in Science magazine.

Prior to joining the RSE group he has worked for over 10 years within the School of Medicine at Newcastle University in the field of Statistical Genetics developing methods and software to analyse genetic and biological data. During this time he has also completed an MSc in Statistics (part-time at Sheffield University).

PhD Pure Mathematics, Newcastle University
Programming: C++, R, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP
Software: Unix Shell, SQL, LaTeX, GIMP, Davinci Resolve
Topics: Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Statistics, Genetics, Epidemiology
Running, Reading, Travelling, Board Games

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.