Research Software Engineer

Robin Wardle

Robin joined the Research Software Engineering team in May 2021, on completing a PhD in Energy at Newcastle University. He graduated with a Masters in Electro-mechanical Engineering from Manchester University, and has additionally worked as an RA in Newcastle University’s School of Engineering on energy systems demonstrator and modelling projects, including in collaboration with the Centre for Energy Systems Integration. He has also worked extensively in industry, principally in scientific and simulation software environments, and has significant project management experience in both industrial and university contexts. As well as developing data and software solutions for research, Robin is a qualified Software Carpentries Instructor and also teaches Degree Apprenticeship modules in collaboration with the Institute of Coding.

PhD Energy, Newcastle University
Programming: C / C++, Javascript, FORTRAN, HTML / CSS, Unix shells, Python, Modelica, Matlab
Software: Docker, MongoDB, OpenModelica / Dymola, Terraform, LaTeX, Blender, GitHub Workflows, Gimp
Topics: System modelling and simulation, Numerical methods, Data processing and analysis, Visualisation
Drumming, Golf, Video and board games, Modelmaking and minifigure painting

Newcastle University Research Software Engineering.